Data reduction for ESS instrumentation


The ess python package is being split-up into technique and instrument specific packages, and should be considered deprecated. The documentation here is kept for historical reasons. Below, you will find links to the new packages.


Diffraction data reduction


Data reduction for the NMX instrument


Polarization data reduction


Reflectometry data reduction


SANS data reduction


Spectroscopy data reduction


Common tools for ESS data reduction

European Spallation Source (ESS) toolkit for neutron scattering data reduction powered by scipp and scippneutron. Provides ESS facility and instrument bespoke tools. The ess module is part of the software stack for data reduction:

image/svg+xml scippneutron scipp ess ess-notebooks requirements filtered features imaging sans ... ... dream estia ... genericscientific neutron-scatteringspecific ESS specifictechnique submodulesinstrument submodules
  • scipp, scippneutron, and ess are Python packages that can be installed using conda. Each package is released independently.

  • ess-notebooks is a git repository containing Jupyter notebooks with examples and actual reduction workflows.

  • Higher levels of the stack are optional, and it is absolutely possible to use scippneutron without ess, or ess without ess-notebooks.

New features may frequently be introduced on the top of the software stack, for example in ess-notebooks. Depending on the feature this may then gradually move to lower levels. This involves a “filtering” process, since scope and contribution guidelines are different the lower the level in the stack.