ess.sans.beam_center_finder.iofq_in_quadrants(xy, sample, norm, graph, q_bins, gravity, wavelength_range)#

Compute the intensity as a function of Q inside 4 quadrants in Phi.

  • xy (List[float]) – The x,y offsets in the plane normal to the beam.

  • sample (DataArray) – The sample data.

  • norm (DataArray) – The denominator data for normalization.

  • graph (dict) – Coordinate transformation graph.

  • q_bins (Union[int, Variable]) – Bin edges for Q.

  • gravity (bool) – If true, the gravity vector is used to compute the scattering angle.

  • wavelength_range (Variable) – The wavelength range to use for computing the intensity as a function of Q.


Dict[str, DataArray] – A dictionary containing the intensity as a function of Q in each quadrant. The quadrants are named ‘south-west’, ‘south-east’, ‘north-east’, and ‘north-west’.