Utilities for logging.

All code in the ess package should log auxiliary information through this module. Loggers should be obtained through ess.logging.get_logger() and pass a name that reflects the current context. E.g., in the loki package, pass 'loki' (all lowercase).

Logging can be configured using ess.logging.configure() or ess.logging.configure_workflow(). Use the latter at the beginning of workflow notebooks.


configure(*[, filename, file_level, ...])

Set up logging for the ess package.

configure_workflow([workflow_name, display])

Configure logging for a reduction workflow.


Return a list of all loggers that get configured by ess by default.


Return one of ess's loggers.


Log a message showing the versions of important packages.

log_call(*, instrument[, message, level])

Decorator that logs a message every time the function is called.


Formatter(show_thread, show_process)

Logging formatter that indents messages and optionally shows threading information.