ess.sans.i_of_q.preprocess_monitor_data(monitor, *, wavelength_bins=None, non_background_range=None)#

Prepare monitor data for computing the transmission fraction. The input data are first converted to wavelength (if needed). If a non_background_range is provided, it defines the region where data is considered not to be background, and regions outside are background. A mean background level will be computed from the background and will be subtracted from the non-background counts. Finally, if wavelength bins are provided, the data is rebinned to match the requested binning.

  • monitor (Union[Dict[str, DataArray], DataArray]) – The monitor (or group of monitors) to be pre-processed.

  • wavelength_bins (Optional[Variable], default: None) – The binning in wavelength to use for the rebinning.

  • non_background_range (Optional[Variable], default: None) – The range of wavelengths that defines the data which does not constitute background. Everything outside this range is treated as background counts.


Union[Dict[str, DataArray], DataArray] – The input monitors converted to wavelength, cleaned of background counts, and rebinned to the requested wavelength binning.