ess.diffraction.normalize_by_monitor(data, *, monitor, wavelength_edges=None, smooth_args=None)#

Normalize event data by a monitor.

The input is converted to wavelength if it does not already contain wavelengths.

  • data (DataArray) – Input event data.

  • monitor (str) – Name of a histogrammed monitor. Must be stored as metadata in data.

  • wavelength_edges (Optional[Variable], default: None) – If given, rebin the monitor with these edges.

  • smooth_args (Optional[Dict[str, Any]], default: None) – If given, the monitor histogram is smoothed with ess.diffraction.lowpass() before dividing into data. smooth_args is passed as keyword arguments to ess.diffraction.lowpass(). If None, the monitor is not smoothed.


DataArraydata normalized by a monitor.