scippneutron - Neutron scattering data processing based on scipp#

Toolkit for neutron scattering data reduction powered by scipp. Provides “unit conversions” and technique specific tools based on physics of (time-of-flight) neutron scattering.


  • [November 2022] scippneutron-0.11.0 has been released. Check out the What’s new notebook for an overview of recent highlights and major changes.

  • [January 2022] scipp-0.11 has been released.

  • Just like scipp, scippneutron has switched from GPLv3 to the more permissive BSD-3 license which fits better into the Python eco system.

Where can I get help?#

For questions not answered in the documentation this page provides a forum with discussions on problems already met/solved in the community.

New question can be asked by opening a new QuestionLabel issue.