scipp.plot(*args, **kwargs)

Plot a Scipp object.

Possible inputs are: - Variable - DataArray - Dataset - dict of Variables - dict of DataArrays

For more details, see

  • aspect (str, optional) – Specify the aspect ratio for 2d images. Possible values are “auto” or “equal”. Defaults to “auto”.

  • ax (matplotlib.axes.Axes, optional) – Attach returned plot to supplied Matplotlib axes (1d and 2d only). Defaults to None.

  • labels (dict, optional) – Dict specifying which coordinate should be used to label the tics for a dimension. If not specifified the dimension coordinate is used. labels={“time”: “time-labels”}. Defaults to None.

  • cax (matplotlib.axes.Axes, optional) – Attach colorbar to supplied Matplotlib axes. Defaults to None.

  • cmap (str, optional) – Matplotlib colormap (2d and 3d only). See Defaults to None.

  • color (str, optional) – Matplotlib line color (1d only). See Defaults to None.

  • errorbars (str or dict, optional) – Show errorbars if True, hide them if False (1d only). Defaults to True. This can also be a dict of bool where the keys correspond to data entries.

  • figsize (tuple, optional) – The size of the figure in inches (1d and 2d only). See Defaults to None.

  • filename (str, optional) – If specified, the figure will be saved to disk. Possible file extensions are .jpg, .png and .pdf. The default directory for writing the file is the same as the directory where the script or notebook is running. Defaults to None.

  • grid (bool, optional) – Show grid on axes if True. Defaults to False.

  • linestyle (str, optional) – Matplotlib linestyle (1d only). See Defaults to “none”.

  • marker (str, optional) – Matplotlib line marker (1d only). See Defaults to ‘o’.

  • masks (dict, optional) – A dict to hold display parameters for masks such as a color or a cmap. Defaults to None.

  • norm (str, optional) – Normalization of the data. Possible choices are “linear” and “log”. Defaults to “linear”.

  • pax (matplotlib.axes.Axes, optional) – Attach profile plot to supplied Matplotlib axes. Defaults to None.

  • pixel_size (float, optional) – Specify the size of the pixels to be used for the point cloud (3d only). If none is supplied, the size is guessed based on the extents of the data in the 3d space. Defaults to None.

  • positions (Variable, optional) – Specify an array of position vectors to be used as scatter points positions (3d only). Defaults to None.

  • projection (str, optional) – Specify the projection to be used. Possible choices are “1d”, “2d”, or “3d”. Defaults to “2d” if the number of dimensions of the input is >= 2.

  • resampling_mode (str, optional) – Resampling mode. Possible choices are “sum” and “mean”. This applies only to binned event data and non-1d data. Defaults to “mean” unless the unit is ‘counts’ or ‘dimensionless’.

  • scale (dict, optional) – Specify the scale (“linear” or “log”) for a displayed dimension axis. E.g. scale={“tof”: “log”}. Defaults to None.

  • vmin (float, optional) – Minimum value for the y-axis (1d) or colorscale (2d and 3d). Defaults to None.

  • vmax (float, optional) – Maximum value for the y-axis (1d) or colorscale (2d and 3d). Defaults to None.