Customizing Scipp


A number of concepts and components of scipp can and should be customized to the needs of higher-level libraries or to a particular use case. At this point we support compile-time customization of:

  • The maximum number of dimensions supported by Variable is configured using the NDIM_MAX constant.

  • New or custom dtype that can be stored as elements in a Variable and used with the transform algorithms.

Source code for scipp is hosted in a github repository here.

Custom dtypes

To add a new dtype, use INSTANTIATE_VARIABLE, available when including scipp/variable/variable.tcc. Note that this tcc file should never be included in a header.

  • The instantiation macro call must be placed in the scipp::variable namespace.

  • The first marco argument is the display name of the new dtype, and the identifier used for Python bindings.

  • The second macro argument is the C++ type.

To support formatting of variables with the new dtype it should be registered in scipp::variable::formatterRegistry(). variable_instantiate_py_object.cpp can be used as a reference.

In addition to these steps, it is currently required to manually add Python bindings in several places. TODO: Improve or document this process.