Plopp is an open source project by the European Spallation Source ERIC (ESS).


Plopp is available as open source under the BSD-3 license.

Citing Plopp#

Please cite the following:


To cite a specific version of Plopp, select the desired version on Zenodo to get the corresponding DOI.

Older versions of the documentation#

Older versions of the documentation pages can be found under the assets of each release. Simply download the archive, unzip and view locally in a web browser.

Source code and development#

Plopp is hosted and developed on GitHub.

Contributing to Plopp#

Contributions, bug reports, and ideas are always welcome. If in doubt whether a feature falls within the scope of Plopp please ask on GitHub before implementing functionality, to reduce the risk of rejected pull requests. Asking and discussing first is generally always a good idea, since our road map is not very mature at this point.