scipp.isclose(x, y, *, rtol=None, atol=None, equal_nan=False)#

Checks element-wise if the inputs are close to each other.

Compares values of x and y element by element against absolute and relative tolerances according to (non-symmetric)

abs(x - y) <= atol + rtol * abs(y)

If both x and y have variances, the variances are also compared between elements. In this case, both values and variances must be within the computed tolerance limits. That is:

abs(x.value - y.value) <= atol + rtol * abs(y.value) and
  abs(sqrt(x.variance) - sqrt(y.variance)) <= atol + rtol * abs(sqrt(y.variance))


Vectors and matrices are compared element-wise. This is not necessarily a good measure for the similarity of spatial dtypes like scipp.DType.rotation3 or scipp.Dtype.affine_transform3 (see scipp.spatial).

  • x (Variable) – Left input.

  • y (Variable) – Right input.

  • rtol (Optional[Variable], default: None) – Tolerance value relative (to y). Can be a scalar or non-scalar. Defaults to scalar 1e-5 if unset.

  • atol (Optional[Variable], default: None) – Tolerance value absolute. Can be a scalar or non-scalar. Defaults to scalar 1e-8 if unset and takes units from y arg.

  • equal_nan (bool, default: False) – If true, non-finite values at the same index in (x, y) are treated as equal. Signbit must match for infs.


Variable – Variable same size as input. Element True if absolute diff of value <= atol + rtol * abs(y), otherwise False.

See also


Equivalent of sc.all(sc.isclose(...)).value.