Releasing Scipp#


This document describes steps to be taken to prepare and make a new scipp release


  1. Update docs/about/whats-new.ipynb as required to describe highlights and key changes of the release. When doing this, also consider removing information about past releases. We typically keep information on the “What’s New” page for approximately two to four past releases. The concrete duration is decided case-by-case, based on the relevance of a particular topic, e.g., how critical it is that users do not miss the change, and based on the frequency of releases.

  2. Run tools/release/ after inserting new entries to the version number and link target arrays. This creates a new entry in the version select menu and a new section with subsections in the release notes.

  3. Commit and merge the changes on GitHub.

  4. Create a release in GitHub. This triggers workflows to create conda packages and wheels. They are automatically uploaded to conda-forge and PyPI, respectively.