Releasing Scipp#


This document describes steps to be taken to prepare and make a new Scipp release, or perform related changes

Release steps#

  1. Update docs/about/whats-new.ipynb as required to describe highlights and key changes of the release. When doing this, also consider removing information about past releases. We typically keep information on the “What’s New” page for approximately two to four past releases. The concrete duration is decided case-by-case, based on the relevance of a particular topic, e.g., how critical it is that users do not miss the change, and based on the frequency of releases.

  2. Update docs/about/release-notes.rst to mention the release month.

  3. Commit and merge the changes on GitHub.

  4. Create a release in GitHub. This triggers workflows to create conda packages and wheels. They are automatically uploaded to conda-forge and PyPI, respectively. This will also publish the new documentation. If the major or minor release have been incremented this will furthermore rebuild the docs of the previous major or minor release with a banner indicating that the release is outdated.

Updating an expired Anaconda token#

Tokens for uploading conda packages to the Anaconda website have a limited lifetime. When a token expires, a new one has to be created and added to the Github Scipp organisation, following these steps:

  • Go to (requires admin access privileges)

  • Give the token a name (e.g. github-actions-2022)

  • Select Strength=Strong

  • Scope: select Allow read access to the API site and Allow write access to the API site

  • Choose an expiry date (the token will be valid for 1 year by default)

  • Click Create

  • Copy the token hash displayed on the webpage

  • Go to Scipp’s Github organisation

  • Go to Settings > Security > Secrets > Actions

  • Delete the old (expired) ANACONDATOKEN

  • Click the New organization secret button

  • Name it ANACONDATOKEN and paste the token hash in the Value field

  • Select the repositories that should have access to the token: namely scipp, scippneutron, scippnexus, ess, plopp

  • Click Add secret