scipp.geomspace(dim, start, stop, num, *, unit=dimensionless, dtype=None)

Constructs a Variable with values spaced evenly on a log scale (a geometric progression). This is similar to scipp.logspace(), but with endpoints specified directly. Each output sample is a constant multiple of the previous.


scipp.linspace() scipp.logspace() scipp.arange()

  • dim (str) – Dimension label.

  • start (Union[int, float]) – The starting value of the sequence.

  • stop (Union[int, float]) – The end value of the sequence.

  • num (int) – Number of samples to generate.

  • unit (Union[scipp._scipp.core.Unit, str]) – Optional, data unit. Default=dimensionless

  • dtype (Optional[scipp._scipp.core._DType]) – Optional, type of underlying data. Default=None, in which case type is inferred from value input.

Return type