The overall plan for the coming releases is to:

  • Consolidate the existing generic functionality.

  • Add missing generic functionality to provide a more complex toolbox.

  • Weed out usability hurdles, to ensure the library’s interface is easy to use.

At this point we do not have a fixed release cycle. Instead we publish new releases when major feature additions or breaking changes have gone into Scipp.

Upcoming milestones#

  • We plan to provide a new and more powerful, but mainly more predictable plotting module. The current behavior, which automatically resamples data that is not 1-D, will then be deprecated. Later on, the new plotting module will become the default, and the current implementation will be removed.

  • The current implementation of propagation of uncertainties has a fatal flaw when broadcasting is involved, since Scipp cannot track correlations. It is therefore likely that we will disable support for automatic broadcasts of operands with uncertainties in a future release.

Future direction and plans#

We have a number of improvements in mind which we would like to consider and potentially introduce to Scipp. At this point we have not prioritized, scheduled, or funded any of these: