scipp.bins(*, data, dim, begin=None, end=None)#

Create a binned variable from bin indices.

The elements of the returned variable are “bins”, defined as views into data. The returned variable keeps and manages a copy of data internally.

The variables begin and end must have the same dims and shape and dtype=sc.DType.int64. The output dims and shape are given by begin. If only begin is given, each bucket is a slice containing a non-range slice of data at the given indices. If neither begin nor end are given, the output has dims=[dim] and contains all non-range slices along that dimension.

  • begin (Optional[Variable], default: None) – Optional begin indices of bins, used for slicing data. If not provided each row of data is mapped to a different bin.

  • end (Optional[Variable], default: None) – Optional end indices of bins, used for slicing data. If not provided this is assumed to be begin + 1.

  • dim (str) – Dimension of data that will be sliced to obtain data for any given bin.

  • data (Union[Variable, DataArray, Dataset]) – A variable, data array, or dataset containing combined data of all bins.


Variable – Variable containing data in bins.

See also


For creating DataArrays based on binning of coord value instead of explicitly given index ranges.