As of summer 2021 scipp is still in an “early preview” state. The overall plan for the coming releases is to:

  • Consolidate the existing generic functionality.

  • Add missing generic functionality to provide a more complex toolbox.

  • Weed out usability hurdles, to ensure the library’s interface is easy to use.

At this point we do not have a fixed release cycle. Instead we publish new releases when major feature additions or breaking changes have gone into scipp.

Upcoming milestones

None planned.

Future direction and plans

We have a number of improvements in mind which we would like to consider and potentially introduce to scipp. At this point we have not prioritized or scheduled any of these:

  • More complete support for geometry-related operations such as rotations around axes.

  • More complete set of functionality, systematically eliminating missing operations, and handling of missing cases in existing operations.

  • dask support.

  • Support for numpy’s array-function API, for better interoperability.